Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"A Place for a Leaf"

-The first image (top) is the final product of what I considered my "place for a leaf." I felt as though thicker darker paper would benefit and enhance the project for 2 reasons. The first being that thicker paper looks heavier and stronger, and the second being that the darker tones really allow the focus to be on this green and yellow leaf.
-The second image (bottom) is the reversed side of the project. I tried to mimic the way the leafs were shaped and stood up on the opposite side or the side that wouldn't be display so that the visualization of the project would be pleasing on either side.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

~Architecture 2030~

I feel as though the most important idea or concepts discuss in today's speaker series titled "Architecture 2030" was the idea of looking towards the future and making sure that the built-environment or the world in general will be safe and livable. A few things that he said that really stuck out to me were the concerns that a building built today should be sustainable and built well enough to be used in 130 yrs from now with out a problem. In other words, what we build today we build to meet our needs of functionality and use of space and even visual pleasure. That is good but in years to come, we wont necessarily need to use that building for that particular function anymore, but we should still be able to use it for something.
I was very interested in the LEED buildings that are coming into existence and how "green" they are, and how the air ducts and the way that these buildings are constructed will not contain the "mess" that is left in most structures after the building is finished being built.


- I felt as though the main concerns or the most focused on problems that were discuss in critiques today were craft, communicating a story, and scale.
-As far as craft goes, the most important thing was to continue to work and mold our projects so that we get better and more familiar with constructing certain things. I also agree with what our professors and TA's said about doing our projects more than 10 times and actually taking time to notice our pros and cons and take from that.
-Communicating one story in our projects was and important and frequently brought up critique. I am now starting to understand how to take projects apart and pick out what is necessary and what is not. I feel as though the most important thing in understanding this is to understand what we are going for in our projects. That then ties back to craft and just taking the time to try different things so that we can learn from our progression.
-Scale was another concern in critiques today and with that I just feel that twigs should relate well to the paper size, shape, and texture.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lettering Practice - "My favorite song"
Deittrick Haddon - Love Him Like I DO

Left and Right Hand Sketch

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My first attempts at lettering!

I decided to randomly choose 5 things out of my bag without looking or being picky as to what it was. I actually think that what I "grabbed" was pretty cool b/c one of the 5 things is my debit card, and it took money to buy all of the other 4 things. So...from left to right and top to bottom I 've sketched a mechanical led holder, a bluetooth, my debit card, a piece of trident gum;], and my bath and body works sensual amber body wash.

WOW!!...my upside down drawing...turned out ok