Sunday, October 26, 2008



The dialog project was very interesting and very challenging to me. Creating specific and defined spaces took a lot of thought and trial and error. I really enjoyed this project because to actually get it I had to think outside of the box.
A few ways in which Dialog was created in some of our projects was by creating two spaces back to back, interaction between negative space and postive space, and the use of specifics. When defining the spaces/places in our projects some of the concepts that were used were bigger outweighing smaller and also identical space. The idea of a system was generated in ways such as parts = whole, geometry, and a system of parts.
With out certain parts some of the projects would not have worked, so the joinery was very important in supporting the projects concepts and strategies. A couple of ways in which that was done are as follows: 1) setting something next to another, and 2) each connection supports one another.
Through the scale of the projects we were able to determine space and relativity, and better understand total lengths, shapes, and connections. Our graphics/parti's helped add to the understanding of our projects because they better helped define spaces, gave us more clarity and ideas about our own projects, and helped the viewer(s) better understand what concept/strategy was used and the process.
Overall and initial ideas about this project were evolved in many different ways. A few were through a precedent, dialog, our previous projects, and purpose for the project.

Final Idea/Project