Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The connection that these artifacts have with me is that they are all a part of my daily routine. Starting from the morning to the night, I start my day off by reading the bible. Church has been in me since I was born, so I keep my Christianity close to my heart. The second item is my zune. It represents my love for music. Music has shaped my life in a major way. The third item is my camera. I feel like the camera in itself tells a story. A story of happy/sad memories. I try to take a photo of something meaningful everyday. My dance shoes are my fourth artifact and I chose them because dance is a huge part of my life. I have danced since I was a young girl all through high school, and now even though I don't dance to perform anymore, I am the dance coordinator for the dance team at my church. My final artifact is my bed/bedroom. I chose this artifact/space because as for my room, it is my dwelling place. After a long day I find peace and comfort and I have worked hard to make it personal and comfortable for me. My bed of course is my resting place. It is where I recuperate from the day. The cycle then starts over in the morning when I awake.

There was a 3 legged cat in my fairy tale, and I thought of it as very unique and interesting so I decided to sketch my definition of a 3 legged cat.