Monday, August 30, 2010

The Powers Of Ten. time changes, design changes. time is not the only thing that can change design. we as inhabiters also change design as we interact within spaces and places, and we perceive those spaces and places in a slightly different way. i have chosen to represent change and perception with in this piece through interaction between it and the viewer. he/she acts as the designer as they are able to twist, turn, bend, and/or straighten the sticks..

“The Powers of Ten” has inspired me as a designer to continue to explore new elements, innovations, and advancements in design. Rather than saying it has changed my thinking as a designer I'll say that it has increased my knowledge about the way I think and it has opened my mind to new ways of perceiving not just design, but the world as a whole.
I will say that “The Powers of Ten” has definitely made me realize that we as humans perceive the same things differently and that things are forever changing. Whether we choose to relate the "forever change" to life in general or directly to design, the fact is that there is and will always be change. In a design sense we as designers design spaces that are "forever changing" as people interact within that place. A single movement of a light, a fixture, or of a piece of furniture can dramatically change the dialogue and feel of a space. To take it a step further, spaces in a sense transform simply by having people within them.
As designers, we are "forever changing" as well. In the film, every ten seconds our viewpoint of the world/universe/galaxy changed and gave us a new perspective. In design there is always a challenge to stay current, modern and chic. I feel that in order to be a successful designer it is important to be in tuned with new innovations, as it will give the designer something new to work with, however, I do feel it is important as a designer to maintain your own personal style and be your own person.
The idea of detail was represented in the powers of ten as we as viewers were taken into the hand of the man. The "unseen" such as the white blood cells are an important part of us all. We couldn't exist with out them and many other cells and organs that we do not see. Good designers pay attention to detail and whether it is small or big realize that it all plays a part in a bigger picture.